The Law and Uninsured Motorists – A Guide for Alabama Drivers


It’s probably happened to you or someone you know. You’re driving along minding your own business and paying close attention to your surroundings. But out of nowhere, BOOM.



Someone’s either distracted, under the influence, or possibly just an inexperienced driver. No matter the cause, hopefully everyone involved is safe and free from injury.


Once that’s been assessed, one of the many things that are probably swirling around in your head is THE question. Does this person even have insurance?


Most States Require Liability Insurance – Alabama is No Exception


Alabama motorists are required by law to obtain a certain minimum level of liability coverage. But just because there’s a law doesn’t mean everyone always cooperates. Just look at the war on drugs, prohibition, illegal music downloads, slow drivers in the left lane, or Alabama’s law against impersonating a member of the Clergy if you need more evidence of this fact.


And on that last point, you better think twice about wearing that naughty Nun costume to this year’s Sloss Fright Furnace unless you’re okay with a $500 fine. The Southern Baptists might as well control this state legislature, whether you like it or not. Just sayin!

Okay, enough poking fun at ridiculous laws you’d only see on the books in a place like Alabama…


So What Exactly is The Alabama Law Against Uninsured Motorists?


The Motor Vehicle Safety-Responsibility Act surprisingly only requires a very small amount of liability insurance. $25,000 to be exact. We all know that’s not enough to cover the potential for extremely high medical bills related to a major accident. Yet, Alabama only requires this small amount of liability insurance which can leave you wondering what your options are when the bills start racking up.


Lawyer Up???


I’m Not Giving Out Legal Advice Here! No, the purpose of this article is to educate and inform while also providing you my personal opinion. However, if someone t-bones my brand new 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T Sport without insurance, I’m going to LAWYER UP. I Better Call Saul! Or even better, “Call GoldBurg 800-600-6014!” – Who Doesn’t Remember That One???

You get the idea…In a scenario where I get hit by a motorist only carrying the minimum $25,000, I would probably tally up the total damages as soon as possible. If my total damages are going to be over $25K (or even if they won’t), I’m probably calling an attorney.

What if the Motorist Only Has $25k in Insurance?

Why call an attorney if damages are under the amount insurance covers? Frankly, I don’t have a damn CLUE if there’s a hairline fracture in my vertebrae that the ER technician didn’t see and report to the doctor. So my strategy is to always go for the max damages just in case I have medical bills down the road than no one can foresee today.

What about Uninsured Motorists?

If the motorist is completely uninsured, I would most likely lawyer up no matter what. Again, just my opinion based on a few past accidents I’ve been involved in.


What Happens to you When You Don’t Have Auto Insurance in Alabama?


driving without insurance in alabama


That’s a great question! According to our friends over at ValuePenguin:


“The consequences can range from fines of $500 to $1,000, imprisonment from 3 months to 6 months, and license and registration suspension for up to half a year. The severity of the penalty depends largely on the number of MLI offenses you have committed against the State.”


OUCH! Just getting pulled over without proper documentation of insurance can land you some stiff penalties! That’s why it’s always best to keep a paper copy of your latest insurance information in your car glove box. You don’t want to be fumbling with an app on your phone while the cop’s staring you down with those creepy sunglasses. So keep all your documents up-to-date and within reach.


The verdict’s in! Alabama motorists are required to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance, and at the time of this writing that amount is $25,000.


Damages and injuries related to a traffic accident can easily rise well above that minimum coverage amount.


Alabama motorists should be aware of the laws and comply by maintaining liability coverage from a reputable automotive insurance provider. 


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